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Our goal for all of our clients is to PROTECT the maximum amount of wealth, GUARANTEE that wealth will meet your goals to provide you with care, comfort, maintenance and support, and pass that wealth DIRECTLY to your children and loved ones without any interference from attorneys or the Probate Court System.

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Karen Smithson, Owner

Karen was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. She grew up loving the great outdoors and being physically active in it and continues to enjoy those things today. She appreciates the fine arts and finds every opportunity to attend a good concert or play. Those who know Karen well know that her greatest devotion is to God and family.

While attending Brigham Young University, where she earned a degree in Child and Family Development, she met and married her husband, Bob. Together, they returned to Portland and raised their six children: one daughter and five sons. They enjoyed a full life of various sports, athletic boards, and, naturally, many, many rainy Saturday morning soccer games. Karen could often be found serving at local school, community, and church activities. She and her family loved and participated in many outdoor activities and were avid campers and hikers. They enjoyed water skiing, cross country skiing, sand dunes, and the Oregon Coast.

In 2010, upon the unexpected death of her husband, Karen became a licensed insurance agent and has been working in the insurance industry ever since. She went to work with her son Todd where she has continued to set herself apart by her attention to SERVICE. Because service is always paramount to her, she seeks to provide excellent service to anyone she works with. Promptness to a request, attention to detail, consideration, and integrity are her constant aim. Her expertise is in the personal interactions that support her clients in their individual circumstances. Her experiences have given her extra compassion for the unexpected turns life places in front of all of us, and she takes the time to make sure clients feel comfortable in their decisions, understand the processes and steps required, and have the information they need to make their own decisions. She is a diligent problem solver and will work with you until a concern or question is answered.